About Us

Professor Martin Tomlinson, Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer
Professor Tomlinson is a leading expert in data encryption, error correcting coding, wireless and satellite communications. He is Emeritus Professor at Plymouth University working at the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research and previously was the Head of Digital Communications Research. He previously worked for RSRE, the UK government's defence research group, now Qinetiq and was in charge of the NATO 4 satellite program. Professor Tomlinson is also best known for the invention of the Tomlinson-Harashima pre-coding technique. He has published in excess of 150 papers on communications research and is a holder of more than 50 patents. He graduated at Birmingham University and obtained his PhD from Loughborough University.

Andersen Cheng, CEO
Mr Cheng has been involved in venture investing, incubation and consulting for a number of years; achieving significant growth and exits for a number of high tech companies. He was the COO of the Carlyle Group's European venture fund and a founding member of LabMorgan, the e-finance unit of JP Morgan. Prior to that, he was the European Head of Credit Risk Management at JP Morgan. Andersen obtained his BSc Civil Engineering and MSc Management Science degrees from Imperial College, London; and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Touche Ross specialising in computer security and data interrogation.

CJ Tjhai, CTO
Dr Tjhai is an expert in error correcting codes, cryptography, digital signal processing and wireless communications. He studied at Plymouth University where he won scholarships for all his bachelor, masters and doctoral degree studies. CJ has published in excess of 30 papers and is a holder of more than 15 patents.