Access To Data

Next-generation access control for data protection

Securing mission-critical data is essential, but simple role-based privilege control is inefficient for knowledge workers in today’s digital businesses. Worse, rigid role-based controls encourage insecure behaviours. Organisations need the ability to enforce data governance dynamically, allowing access only when needed and authorised.

Post-Quantum enables your employees to become your organisation’s first line of defence against internal and external threats. We help organisations apply a minimum access approach: only the individuals or Policy Bots you designate can grant access to high-value data, and only through consensus. This allows for greater oversight of user activities, and compliance with corporate data policies by binding a user’s identity to specific access requests and approvals.

Phishing Resistance

Ensure that no individual is solely responsible for the organisation’s security, and no single individual’s activity can cause a breach.

Biometric Signing

Authenticate a user’s identity with
biometrics and prevent
repudiation by binding it to
hashed access request details.

Multiparty Authorisation

Cryptographic consensus-based
authorisation, preventing access
without oversight and
eliminating key tables for
hackers to exploit.

Use Case

See how this process can work in our access to critical systems example

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