Data at rest

Block attacks with consensus authorisation and future-proof encryption

Data at rest is vulnerable to unauthorised access. A breach by an insider or an external attacker can be costly, resulting in fines, reputation damage, and lost intellectual property.

Post-Quantum protects your high-value, sensitive data from internal and external threats, and helps you comply with incoming regulation. We secure your data with the industry’s best standard encryption or our quantum-secure encryption that ensures data stolen today cannot be cracked in the future. We combine this with multiparty authorisation to support access policies and controls.

Future-Proof Encryption

Protect data against code-breaking quantum computers, ensuring company information remains safe against emerging threats.

Cloud Adoption

Allow your organisation to take advantage of third-party storage, knowing only authorised users can gain access.

Multiparty Authorisation

Go beyond basic role-based access control with cryptographic consensus-based authorisation, preventing access without oversight.

Use Case

See how this process can work in our cloud-based data vault example