Data in Transit

Stop data interception and tampering, today and tomorrow

Data in transit is vulnerable to unauthorised access. Malicious insiders or external aggressors can monitor, intercept, and tamper with confidential business data or personally identifiable information (PII).

Post-Quantum protects your data moving across networks, within your organisation or when sent to partners and clients. We offer end-to-end security and Man-in-the-Middle detection, giving organisations confidence in their data transmission and communications. We can even take your data security a step further with our quantum-secure encryption, ensuring that information stolen today cannot be cracked in the future.

Future-Proof Encryption

Protect data against code-breaking quantum computers, ensuring company information remains safe against emerging threats.


Reveal interception or
manipulation of data during transmission, giving you confidence in the integrity of your data.

Regulation & Transparency

Ensure regulatory compliance with auditable messaging infrastructure that combines security with oversight.

Case Study

See our process explained further in the work we did with NATO