The New Era of Quantum Cryptography

What is Quantum Ready?

Within the coming years, Quantum computers will pose an existential threat to the encryption standards that we all rely on for email, secure banking and other critical communication systems. It is sometimes considered that only transmission infrastructure will require an encryption upgrade to protect against this threat but that would be a mistake. Even if a company has upgraded its transmission infrastructure, attackers will quickly realise that the identity system offers an easy weakness that can be exploited by quantum attack.

NIST Finalist

Nomidio’s parent company, Post-Quantum, is pioneering the next generation of information security and protecting against code-breaking quantum computers. Its encryption algorithm is the only “code-based” finalist in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) process to produce a new global standard for quantum-resistant public-key cryptography.


Quantum cryptography is built into our DNA, which is why we are the only identity provider to have developed a future-proof, quantum-ready identity service. No matter which algorithms eventually form the standard developed by NIST, our crypto-agile and backward compatible service means Nomidio can be made quantum safe within days of the final standards being released. With Nomidio, you can meet the security challenges of tomorrow, while continuing to remain safe against today’s threats.

Future Proof?

For companies seeking to modernise identity management it’s important to consider the additional effort, time and expense needed to retrofit an identity platform with quantum-safe encryption. Migrating to an identity platform now that isn’t engineered for the quantum-era could lead to exposure down the road as a skills crunch ensues that is likely to lead to a backlog of companies scrambling to be meet the quantum threat. At Nomidio we have chosen to prepare our service now.

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