Protecting the world's information, today and tomorrow

Advanced cybersecurity for industry and government

Post-Quantum has spent a decade inventing the next generation of information security. In the near future, quantum computers will break the security systems that we rely on for email, secure banking and other critical communication systems. Now is the time to act.

Post-Quantum is the leading business developing protection against the quantum threat and offering a range of unique commercial and government solutions.

Proven technology: Post-Quantum's encryption algorithm (NTS-KEM, now called Classic McEliece) is the only "code-based" finalist in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) process to produce a new global standard.

Post-Quantum has also developed a portfolio of other innovative cyber-security tools, including secure multiparty computing and digital signature schemes.

Quorum approvals for data and systems access

Cryptographic signing for documents and data

Verification and binding of identities to actions

Immutable audit trails and accountability

Quantum-resistant encryption

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