Helping organisations become quantum-safe across their entire digital footprint

Post-Quantum is upgrading the world to next-generation encryption. Our Quantum-Safe Platform includes modular software for Identity, Transmission and Encryption that protect organisations across their entire digital footprint. Products are interoperable, backward compatible and crypto-agile - ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation of encryption. Post-Quantum has worked with NATO for a number of years to ensure its communications are secure against quantum attack.

"Securing NATO's communications for the quantum era is paramount to our ability to operate effectively without fear of interception. With the threat of 'harvest now and decrypt later' looming over secure communications, this is an increasingly important effort to protect against current and future threats"

Konrad Wrona, Principal Scientist, NATO Cyber Security Centre.

Quantum Computers pose an existential threat to our world

Not in 10 years, today. Nation state adversaries are harvesting data now, to decrypt it later with a quantum computer.

Unless action is taken:

  • Government secrets will be exposed
  • Power networks will be disrupted
  • Trust in the digital economy will collapse

The US is leading the global response. The Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act ​​ requires US Federal Agencies to upgrade to post-quantum encryption and to report their progress to Congress. In the coming months, the foundations for a quantum-safe future will be laid.

Quantum-Safe Platform: become quantum-safe today

Post-Quantum has been preparing for this day since the company was founded in 2009. Our Quantum Safe Platform protects organisations from Harvest Now, Decrypt Later attacks today. With products for Identity, Virtual Private Networks and Messaging, companies can secure their entire digital footprint.


PQ Chat

Secure, seamless, end-to-end. The world’s first quantum-safe, secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging app.

Hybrid PQ VPN

Secure, simple, future proof. our Hybrid PQ VPN secures data-in-transit from traditional and quantum attack.

Nomidio Identity

Nomidio is our quantum-ready multi-factor biometric identity system for secure passwordless sign-in

  • Interoperable: so you can establish secure communications with partners irrespective of the encryption algorithms they use.
  • Backward compatible: so quantum-safe encryption can be introduced seamlessly across your existing IT systems.
  • Crypto-agile: so you can use any combination of NIST’s post-quantum algorithms or traditional encryption.
  • Uniquely, our multi-factor biometric service ‘Nomidio’ ensures adversaries cannot side-step your encryption by compromising employee log-in credentials.

Our products are already helping organisations in defence, critical national infrastructure and financial services make the transition to post-quantum encryption.

Supporting key industries


Banking & Financial Services

Banks, trading technology, asset managers and the crypto-currency industry.

Defence & National Security

National and transnational security and defence organisations protecting democratic nation states.

Critical National Infrastructure

Electricity grids, telecoms operators, healthcare providers and transport systems

Post-Quantum is the co-inventor of NIST Round 4 candidate algorithm ‘Classic McEliece’, which is already recommended by the German and Dutch governments.

Post-Quantum is the original author of IETF standards for a Hybrid Post-Quantum VPN