“We cannot just rely on antivirus and firewalls anymore, we need to take steps to innovate new ways of creating security, privacy and safety for the customers…The Post-Quantum team…has provided us with an insight into new technologies, new ways of securing and encrypting the internet”

Troels Oerting
Chief Information Security Officer, Barclays PLC

Our Clients


Data Breaches


billion cost from stolen
personal data


user records lost per year


of companies will suffer a data breach in the next 2 years


of data breaches are malicious or criminal attacks

Encryption Hacking

5-10 years – estimate for breaking RSA with quantum cryptanalysis

Securing Mobile Transactions


of smartphone users have used online banking
(Federal Reserve)


Mobile is now the most popular way of banking in the UK


of lost smartphones have their business data compromised


of IT Managers agree the risk of malware spreading to the business network from mobile devices is moderate to very high

Our Products

Y PQChat?

PQ Check

User authentication, non-repudiation and fraud deterrence

Our ‘video selfie’ goes beyond authenticating a user’s identity; it signs and seals a transaction. PQ Check immutably binds an identity to a transaction.

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Y PQShare?

PQ Share

Protecting data

Quorum key technology prevents data breaches. The encryption key is split into fragments. Access to data is only possible when a quorum of fragment holders come together in consensus.

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Y PQChat?

PQ Chat

Ultra-secure communications

A secure and user-friendly voice and messaging app for desktop and mobile. Suitable for enterprise and government applications.

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Y PQChat?
Y PQChat?
Y PQChat?

PQ Guard

Future-proof encryption

Encryption designed to resist current and future hacking threats. Quantum computer and supercomputer resistant

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