We have been active in post-quantum cyber security since 2009 and consulted across a range of industries. More recently, our portfolio of quantum-safe products have been deployed across a number of industries in some of the first examples of real-world post-quantum encryption.

With end-user and server-side products for identity, transmission and encryption we can work with you to solve a wide range of cyber security problems. Our technology can be delivered flexibly as part of third-party solutions and as off-the-shelf products.

Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions are preparing for a quantum-safe future by auditing existing infrastructure to identify traditional cryptography that will need to be upgraded. These multi-year programmes are some of the largest since Y2K in the late 1990’s. 

As custodians of client funds and sensitive information about asset ownership financial institutions are taking a proactive approach to post quantum cyber security.

We are a product of the Barclays TechStars accelerator and our CEO is a former head of credit risk at JP Morgan giving us an intimate understanding of the cyber security challenges banks face. We have consulted with institutions to support post-quantum migration planning and our technology is in use across the industry at firms like Hitachi Capital.

Defence and National Security

Protecting some of the world’s most critical secrets, advanced cryptography is paramount for defence and national security organisations.

Our Hybrid PQ VPN technology is in use by NATO as part of a trial to secure communications and data flowing between alliance members.

Our team is well respected in this world and two of our co-founders were directors at TRL, a provider of top secret grade hardware cryptography to the UK government. If a British politician travelled abroad a TRL box connected to their laptop encrypted and protected all data exchange.

Critical National Infrastructure

From power grids to telecoms networks the potential damage to critical infrastructure is significant.

A recent study by Oxford Economics and the Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance placed the direct financial impact of a quantum attack on the SCADA protocol at $8.6 Trillion over an 18-month period, with more than $20 Trillion of wider GDP impact.

CNI providers and the national cyber security centres that help to protect them are acutely aware of what’s at stake. We have worked directly with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre to provide expertise and solution design capabilities for the UK’s critical industries.

Quantum-safe solutions for every use case

No matter the industry you operate in, we can help you to deliver solutions that protect your data and assets from quantum attack. Anywhere that your organisation relies on cryptography provides an opportunity to prepare for the quantum era.

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