Nomidio Identity

Secure, simple, self-sovereign

Nomidio is our quantum-ready multi-factor biometric identity system for secure passwordless sign-in. Users register once and use their Nomidio identity to sign-in to different websites and apps from any device, with their face and voice. 

Offering self-sovereign identity, Nomidio harnesses our approval-as-a-service technology to ensure users remain in full control, and their identity is only decrypted when they provide consent. With tokenisation Nomidio further protects user privacy, allowing trusted authorities (e.g. government departments or banks) to attest for the user’s age, date of birth or address, without the need for the underlying data to be revealed.

Password Free

Browser Based

No propagation of PII

Cloud Service Providers - SSO

Nomidio is the only identity system in the world that combines multiple biometric factors such as voice and face with a patented system that authenticates the user based on ‘what they are asked to do’. This innovation combats the threat posed by deep fakes and with the addition of a quantum-ready architecture, Nomidio is ideal for high security authentication now and in the future.

Nomidio Identity Use cases

front line workers in uniforms

Secure Sign in

Secure Sign in for employees working remotely

Prevent Credential Sharing

Prevent credential sharing for auditability and reduced leakage for subscription businesses

Supply Chain

Increase security of user access in supply-chain environments

Eliminate Password-reset costs

Eliminate password-reset costs and improve the efficiency of workers in the field

Step-up Authentication

Step-up authentication security for privileged system access