The PQC Migration

We’ve set the standards, now we’re helping the world migrate

Action and regulatory changes are being mandated on a national and supranational level to counter Harvest Now, Decrypt Later attacks.

In the US, the White House announced two directives aimed at accelerating the quantum-proofing of IT infrastructure in federal agencies. This was closely followed by a commitment being made by G7 nations to ensure greater cooperation on the deployment of quantum-resistant cryptography.

This follows a watershed decision by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which made its first recommendations on which algorithms will soon protect the world's digital economy.

Regulators, governments and standard-setters are beginning to take notice.

The Cost of Inaction

With the needle shifting, can you afford to fall behind?

Even after a classical cyber security breach of limited scale, the effects on brand value can be extremely costly.

A quantum attack is likely to be far more impactful, potentially wiping out entire sectors and economies. The cost of inaction - from both a monetary and reputational aspect - is far higher when it comes to quantum.

With the cost of inaction so high, and HNDL threats real and immediate today, why wait?

Supporting you in the migration

We have a distinguished record in supporting standards development:

  • NIST ‘Classic McEliece’ round four candidate algorithm
  • IETF proposal for a hybrid quantum-safe VPN
  • Additional IETF proposals to define other quantum-safe communications
  • Pioneer in defining and creating hybridised crypto solutions

Quantum-Safe Platform is helping critical national infrastructure, defence, and financial services organisations as they transition to a quantum-safe future.

We’ve done the R&D. We’ve built the products you need. And we’re ready to support you to become quantum-safe.

We’re ready for the migration journey. We are ready for a post-quantum world. Are you?