Since 2009 Post-Quantum has undertaken deep R&D to solve the post-quantum encryption challenge. This work is world-renowned and our algorithm is the only remaining finalist in the ‘code-based category’ of NISTs Post-Quantum Cryptography programme, which seeks to identify encryption algorithms that will form the basis of a new global public-key cryptography standard. This standard will be relied on to secure virtually all the world’s communications and applications from attack by a quantum computer.


Today we have progressed beyond R&D, having built a suite of usable quantum-safe products covering encryption, transmission and identity. These products protect data from the moment it is created, as it is transmitted and from adjacent risks like quantum identity attacks. Our technology combines to help organisations achieve a ‘quantum-safe ecosystem’ securing every point of vulnerability. 

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Our Hybrid PQ VPN is currently being trialled by NATO to secure data transmission between alliance members and our multi-factor biometric identity service, Nomidio, is in use at major companies like Hitachi Capital. We solve cyber security problems in every sector, with particular experience in financial services, critical national infrastructure, defence and national security.