Approval as a Service: Quorum

Secure, flexible, collaborative

Quorum is a quantum-safe, zero-knowledge system that combines the principles of threshold and homomorphic cryptography, so that multiple parties can cooperate with one another to take cryptographically verified actions.

By splitting an encryption key into fragments it’s possible to create a ‘Quorum’ where multiple stakeholders each need to submit their key fragment in order for an action to be taken e.g. to approve a junior staff to access and decrypt data. A simple quorum might require 3/5 key fragments before access to the data is granted.

Quorum provides a system of digital governance that can be used by multiple actors within a single organisation or multiple actors from disparate organisations. These actors may be individuals, or they could also be machines or IOT sensors, each being able to cast a ‘cryptographically secure and verified vote’ that contributes to a decision, outcome or action.

Unlike more rigid governance systems such as simple multi-signature schemes, Quorum is flexible, with the ability to disable or revoke and then reissue key fragments should an individual change job or if the governance structure needs to evolve. Similarly, each actor within a quorum can be assigned a specific weighting based on the governance structure you wish to create.

Example use cases:

Additional level of secure governance when accessing encrypted data

Cryptographic IoT consensus voting in a battlefield environment

*Ease requests for legal access to encrypted social networking messages

A more secure and flexible alternative to multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets

Secure autonomous vehicles with a quorum for firmware updates or operation