VPN: Hybrid PQ VPN

Secure, simple, future-proof

Our Hybrid PQ VPN secures data-in-transit from traditional and quantum attack. Easily deployable to protect site-to-user, site-to-site and site-to-data centre links, our Hybrid PQ VPN is based on the IETF standards (which our team authored).

Built on the principle of crypto-agility, the system is ready to operate with any of NISTs candidate post-quantum algorithms, as well as today’s traditional encryption standards. With easy backwards compatibility, the addition of our VPN has little-to-no impact on existing systems and is the simplest and quickest way for an enterprise to benefit from quantum-safe encryption.

While our VPN is software based we are also able to offer a hardware version, through partnership with a defence-grade certified hardware provider.

Example use cases:

Secure data-in-transit from traditional and quantum attack

Protect data transmitted between remote workers

Secure data-in-transit from ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ quantum attack